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Some of us check our e-mails during the holidays even if we really shouldn't.  :-/

This is really a matter for the VoIP SIG so I have copied the list. Your post was not too clear so lets start with what I believe you mean.

  • You are using soft phones on both desktop and laptop
  • From your experiments, you have successfully called one extension, say extension A from the other, extension B irrespective of location of soft phone but you are unable to do the reverse.

So it seems that there is a problem with extension B. It would be very helpful if you can post the logs when you make the call that does not suceed i.e from extension B. You can do this from the web interface after you make the call but it is more useful to look at the logs while calling

type "tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full" on the command line, make the call and post the output.

On Fri, 2006-12-22 at 01:21, Emmanuel Onowojo wrote:

Hey Hope you guys have not gone for ur holiday yet My Trixbox has a
problem i could make call from my laptop to other system were i have the
soft phone but could not call from those phone i change the extension of
my laptop to that of the desktop and the desktop to the laptop i could
still make call from the laptop to other system,i have compare the config
on the softphone on the laptop with that of other system but it still the
thanks for your quick responds

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