Open Source Library Management Systems

Is anyone evaluating an open source option for library management?

There are a number of options available from Popular examples include;


OpenBiblio -

PhpyLibrary -

We need member institutions to evaluate some of these software and let us know the outcomes.

Does anyone need help? We would also like to hear from those who can offer any help or information related to the use of FOSS in libraries.

Open Source LMS

Forum librarians have been evaluating LMS in the last few months. Mortenson is on ground in Nigeria visiting this October. It could be useful for the forum to have an update on current thoughts of the University Librarians, in the Forum, on LMS. In particular a comparison of proprietary and open source LMS they have been exposed to will be insightful for the Forum. Mortenson's comparison and evaluation will be equally useful. I guess all comers can make thier inputs in the same vein. If the next forum activity will focus on the libraries then we should start something now.

Great idea. The discussion

Great idea. The discussion forums and blogs could be put to constructive use for the outcomes of the librarian's evaluation and subsequent discussions. Maybe the forum board can draw the attention of the librarians to the potential usefulness of your suggestion.

Are you aware of any University Library exploring Open Source LMS options?

Great idea. The discussion

hi oma, i would like to know more about university liberary open source LMS options. if you don't mind, please share it with me.