Who is a "Champion"?

A "Champion" is any person who (on their own initiative and often at great personal costs or inconveniences) is always ready to discharge (not necessarily assume or claim) a leadership role to drive a project forward. Almost a “natural” leader, she or he demonstrates great interest and commitment to explore, improve, and assist others to improve the efficiency and productivity of official work, functions or study assigned by their (sometimes ungrateful) employer or superiors.

It is good to search for & identify "Champions" in order to encourage and facilitate them; cultivate and harness their volunteer efforts; and enable them to become role models. They are self-motivated and once enabled, such people can expand operations and capacity at the minimum costs and maximum speed possible.

“Champions” are present among all categories of staff and students and regardless of the status of an institution. “ICT Champions”, for example, can be found even in places where there are no computers, always trying to make sure that records are kept properly, files are filed properly; following-up typed circulars with phone calls or personal visits on motorbikes or foot (since they don't have official vehicles) just to make sure people get the information on time, etc. At times they are Generals; often they are Corporals and Privates doing the work of Generals!

There are many other ways to identify a champion, including:
- Determining who already bought their own PCs, Laptops or Notebooks; has been pestering for or complaining about your ICT services, or frequenting your access labs/ cafés the most.
- Sending out a general mail or a circular that requires a response–it does not have to be an email- and see who the first to respond is.
- Advertising for people ready to volunteer to teach others (without pay), and see who responds and actually shows up.

A good example of such a Champion is …. Henrietta!