Statement of Principles on Uniform Websites etc

Recently, the Federal Executive Council (FEC)- no less- approved development of uniform websites for tertiary education institutions in Nigeria, by a contractor/ firm, among other weighty matters. For that purpose, some institutions have already been asked or directed to submit required information in electronic format.

Based on comments on a Draft Position Paper prepared on the subject (itself prepared as a result of the reactions expressed by Nigerian academic and other network operators), the attached "Statement of Principles" was prepared for institutions to discuss further with their institutional heads, ICT coordinators, staff and students' unions as appropriate.

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Those institutions that are close to each other may also decide to do a Focus Group discussion based on the document.

Please share with us your institutional stand on the matter, following your further deliberations.

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Re: Statement of Principles on Uniform Websites etc

I have made comments on this subject before, though not on this forum. However, I wish to add that Govt. has no business awarding contacts for the development of uniform websites for institutions in the country. If Govt is concerned about lack publicity of our institutions, it could only advise such institutions to have websites on the internet.
In fact, it will be ridiculous for Nigerian Govt to award contracts for developing uniform websites for institutions in the country. I also wonder if the same contract will cover updating such websites any time there was need, as it is normal for websites to be constantly updated.