The University of Jos announces the presence of an E-book on the Internet

It is my pleasure to announce the presence on the Internet of our E-book on “The History of Information and Communication Technology at the University of Jos” It is, the one of the few digital contributions in a growing body of documentation on ICT developments, within the Nigerian Higher Education Sector. The book can be accessed on the university website

As we partner with you all, to strengthen ICT in the Nigerian Education Sector and bridge the digital divide, your comments on the book will be most appreciated.

Professor S. Gwanle Tyoden
Vice Chancellor

Re: The University of Jos E-book

Re: The University of Jos announces the presence of an E-book

The History of ICT e-book is an interesting read and should prove useful to other members of the university community. It also fills the blanks and explains some of the curiosities for those in the private sector who are latecomers to the Nigerian education sector.

I am particularly pleased with the assessment of our collaboration with the university by Prof. Alan Davis which I hadn't seen before. They don't come any complimentary than the quote below.

[quote=Alan Davis]To me the biggest argument for FOSS on this project is that we wanted to give our students experience in building real systems in a real environment and that entails access to the source code. I am greatly impressed by how this team performed its duties. Delivering a new MIS on time is almost unheard of. This team, in spite of the lack of extensive experience by some of the team members, managed to do it. That indicates tremendous talent on the part of developers combined with tremendous talent on the part of leadership. I would trust this team with any MIS developments that I need [/quote]

I have attached a PDF tour of the Unijos FOSS development for anyone interested in more information about the University ERP project.

JDMIS Tour.pdf1.12 MB