Funding under the "Science and Technology Education Post-Basic" (STEP-B) Project

The Nigeria ICT Forum organized a "Resource and Strategy" seminar on 24th July, 2007, on "Advanced Academic Computing for Science & Technology Teaching and Research Collaboration".

The seminar was attended by 84 delegates from Universities (26), Colleges (7), Research Institutes (5), the Public Service (15), Development Agencies and Non-Governmental Institutions (9), and the Private Sector (22).

The purpose remains to stimulate the collaborative development of comprehensive proposals (by Research and Education Institutions, Professional societies, NGOs and the Private Sector) for funding under the Federal Ministry of Education's "Science and Technology Education Post-Basic" (STEP-B) Project.

Here are:

  1. Highlights on STEP-B presented by the Coordinator
  2. The presentation made by Hewlett Packard Company’s Director of University Relations, and
  3. A report on the Seminar and Discussions that followed

To enable stakeholders take the next steps on this project, please find the following updated STEP-B documents that have been kindly provided by the Coordinator, including:

  1. STEP-B Grant Proposal Preparation Guide (GPPG)
  2. STEP-B Project Appraisal Document
  3. STEP-B Proposal Submission Form

The Nigeria ICT Forum appreciates all those who made presentations and participated at the Seminar.

For further information, please contact the STEP-B Coordinator ( or